Don’t hate your Tuesday!

Grab life by the balls and live your best life every day.


Our mission at Don’t Hate Tuesday is to find ways to live our best life everyday, and share our findings in hopes that others will be inspired to do the same. We do not pretend to be experts in the field of self help – we are merely a couple of humans finding ways to help themselves.

From personal experience, we can tell you that it is possible to create the life you have always wanted. And the best part… You do not need more money, more freedom, or more time to do this (although this just may be the outcome).



We were tired of living for the weekends. Life was passing us by, a constant stream of one Saturday to the next. Repetition, high expectations, and low present satisfaction. But what about Tuesday? We had a hunch that if we could learn to appreciate even the most mundane Tuesday,  we might find a little more meaning.

This hunch about Tuesday served as the catalyst to take the first steps on our own paths toward self improvement – A journey that has left us with a growing tool kit we couldn’t help but share. Don’t Hate Tuesday is a personal account of our experiences that we hope will provide the inspiration, tools and swift kick in the ass to start truly living today.




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