How To Find Balance And Lead a Happier Life

Why balance is the key to happiness


Balance is a bitch, but it is the kind of bitch that fights for you when you are too tired, angry, or overwhelmed. You need balance even though it may feel like you don’t. Even if you feel that it is just another word for lazy dressed up in fancy clothing. Well, guess what? If you value happiness, you best make fast friends with balance because finding it in your life is key to that happiness.

If you’re like us, working hard and getting shit done is important to you. You know that in order to succeed in this fast paced world you need tenacity, drive and passion. And if that isn’t enough, you need to work harder than your stiffest competition. While those things are true and are a great recipe for success, they don’t necessarily lead you down the path towards happiness.

Now, let me ask you something; what is success without happiness? Maybe it is a lot of money with no one to share it with. Maybe it is working twenty-hour days well into the weekend. Maybe it is setting your own schedule but purposely filling up any free time because you can’t face the fact that you have nothing to do but work. The truth is, accomplishing your goals, making your dreams come true, or becoming wildly successful in your field really means nothing if you’re not happy enough to appreciate it.

If you’re on a mission to find your happy, try taking a step back from your pedantic to-do list or your novella of goals to ask yourself: “what brings me joy?” Perhaps it’s going for a beer and a sandwich on a Monday or grabbing a canvas and slathering it with thick oil paints. Maybe it’s lying out in the sun, or sleeping in, or playing the drums, or doing a puzzle. Whatever it is, do it!

You may prioritize your goals, but are you prioritizing you? This doesn’t mean you have to stop building your empire or even slow down. What it means is scheduling in time to do a random hobby or a night to just lie in bed with a bottle of wine, macarons and Netflix. It means adding a romantic evening with your love—without technology—into your to-do list, or penciling in a walk through the park with your best friend.

Figure out what is important to you and add it into your schedule. There is no such thing as not having enough time to meditate, go to the gym, go for a drink with your friends, or have a quiet dinner with your spouse. We create our own lives with the choices we make, so make the choice to live a balanced life and schedule that shit in!

Set realistic expectations for what you want to achieve in a day, week, month etc. Make nurturing the people and things you love a priority and don’t be afraid to ‘treat yo self’.

Now,  adding in ‘me-time’ and QT with your loved ones is just the tip of the iceberg. You can read more about how to optimize your life in my next blog about how finding flexibility will rock your world 😉

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