Procrastination: How To Turn It On It’s Head

Make Procrastination Work For You Rather Than Against

I have never been a fan of procrastination. I would safely say my entire existence could be considered the antithesis of procrastination, as I tend to find myself in closer relation to a speed demon than a methodical tortoise. However, a lot of how we see ourselves is not quite accurate and this particular post has become a shining example of that, because let me tell you, I exercised my procrastination muscle on this baby.

Procrastination is an interesting thing, why would we choose to prolong the eventual task, chore, project, etc. when we could just as easily get our shit together and get it over and done with?

My mom used to put things off and it would drive me crazy, so I made a silent vow to never do that same, and as far as I was concerned I never did. Until I took a step back and found myself scrolling through the ‘new and noteworthy’ podcasts when I was supposed to be working on a writing project.

Whether we see ourselves as procrastinators or abhor the practice, chances are we all have fallen victim to it. And the truth is, it may not be a bad thing either. Yes, watching Netflix when you should be doing your homework or starting a new project with a built in deadline isn’t necessarily a good thing, but if you find yourself just doing something because you have to without any fuel to light your fire, a bit of procrastination might not hurt.

As a self-proclaimed doer and someone who prides themself on being insanely fast at everything, I have seen more examples than I can count of that backfiring. I have made numerous stupid mistakes; I’ve sent things out before they were ready, blowing opportunities because I bulldozed through when I should have let things settle.

Work It

If you use procrastination to your advantage it can be a hugely positive thing, the key is to traverse the potential negative aspects and turn procrastination into a tool that will skyrocket your quality of work.

Walk This Way

Taking a walk when you find yourself lacking inspiration, reading a book that may have some golden nuggets to draw from in your own work, or listening to your body when it asks for a nap can give you the energy to come back and nail your project.

Two Birds

Putting something off because you just don’t want to do it won’t help but if you have multiple items on your to-do list, using procrastination as tool by tackling another item on that list, can be a glorious little trick to making procrastination work for you. Rather than straight up avoiding your tasks trying using them as stepping-stones between one another.

At the end of the day, everyone is different, everyone has different styles of work, different ways to avoid said work and different requirements in order to get things done. However, procrastination is inevitable whether you know you do it or not. And it can also be a saving grace if you make it work for you, rather than against you.

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